by Bad Karol

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released December 29, 2016

Music by Bad Karol | Produced by Kyle Jones and Bad Karol
Engineered and mixed by Kyle Jones
Kengineer: Kenneth Mann Bednar
Mastered by Scott Craggs @ Old Colony
℗© 2016 Bad Karol, All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Bad Karol Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Where Have I Been
Will you watch me when I go
Will you light a fire to warm my soul
Will you
You told me I could be there to watch when it grows cold
Will you

Will we go around when we go around

Oh my god, where have I been?

When you float out to sea, swim
When your lungs fill with water, heave or swim

Will you call my heart a home
Will you keep the secrets that I told
Will you wind and release
I could be there to buy the soul you sold
Will you
Track Name: Move On
You're the only one I want
When I lose my mind, you're the compass in my gut
If the good ones don't die young, do they lose their way when they move on
You're the only one I thought that could light a home like a beacon when I'm lost
When my praises stay unsung, do you lose your way
Do you move on

You're right, it's all a decline
A moment in time
It's all in your mind
A thorn in your side

Will you crack a smile for me
Linger for a while, don't leave
Screaming like a child, oh please
Track Name: Mind And Body
If you still love me then you won't go
Pull the knife out, you're moving so slow
But I saw your eyes, stone cold
But I know nothing is real
Well alright, okay
Enjoy a meal of pills and headaches
Hold me down
Hear me out
Speak in rounds

Breathe, focus, reel it in
My mind is made up

Still so sick, can't shake it
My brain won't call me
Figure it out, fake it
Mysteries of mind and body
Hold me down
Hear me out
Speak in rounds
Track Name: Gone
Don't put your hands on me, covered in dirt and grime and dust
Will we turn out to be silence and fossils and decay and rust

Hands running down your spine
Hands that will hide your light
You can't bring it back to life, it's gone
Hands covering your eyes
Hands that will steal your sight
You can't bring it back to life, it's gone

As you float from season to season
Hoarding all your reasons
Are you having fun
Are you out for blood
Are you having fun, it's gone

Ghosts are at it again, clawing cobwebs in the back of your head
Good boys will break their bread, seeking safety from the tomb of your bed
Track Name: No Good
Can I catch a break for once
Make a move and manage not to boil your blood
I'm not someone you should write home about
I'm no good

Are you restless tonight
Something's not right
You were gone by sunrise
Something's not right

Will you try to force my mouth into a shape so I can make a pleasing sound
How long will you give me the run around
You're no good

And I know that you're no good
And you know that I'm no good
I hope that you know there's no happy ending
Track Name: Year Of The Sloth
Say you can wake me up
Make a plan or chalk it up to young love

So be honest, your talk's cheap
Don't cut me out
I've seen monsters that lurk beneath the surface

Seek signs ahead
Sink below and underneath
See year of the sloth
Keep my mouth shut
Drink to days ahead
Breach the nervous energy
Release is never enough
Cease to care much

Where are you now

You say you're not sane, I know you are
You say you're not brave but I know you are
And if you keep running, you'll never get away
And if you keep leaving, you'll never learn to stay

There she goes, on her own again
So alone, ghosts calling collect
So we walk down this road again